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Federated Social Media

What will be the next evolution to Facebook and Twitter?

Social media platforms are being hyped, facebook is evaluated more than 70 billion and twitter more than 7 billion US-Dollars. Acquisitions are being made and bright concepts find financial support like ten years ago before the dot-com crisis.

At osAlliance, we are investigating the next generation social media landscape. We are convinced, that the next big effort will be to build a distributed architecture for social media platforms. Users don't want to have all their data under control of one company and telecommunication companies want to be in the game again.

In the open source world, several activities are going on. Diasopra had a big media response, but did not deliver yet. They frustrated the developer community recently, when changing the database platform from MongoDB to MySQL. We like OneSocialWeb's approach to extend the XMMP/Jabber prototocol with security and social graph features, however, the current Java implementation seems to be too fat to run on Smart Phones. Recently, we came across Friendika, a smart framework which runs on any LAMP stack with clever queueing and security mechanisms.

We are ready to talk to Telkos, showing them how they can again get a grip in the social media service world. Contact us, if your are ready to face the next generation social media with us, having the Open Source community as drivers and innovators.

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