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In Dornbirn Coworking Lab hinter dem Rathaus, Administration beim Bahnhof

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Erstunterzeichner 2010 und Pionier 2011 - Pressekonferenz in Salzburg
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Launching Notethrower

Notethrower’s groundbreaking music remix and licensing platform is open for public beta testing!

Launching Notethrower

Notethrower Startpage

So if you are a musician or record label and want to jump on in, well then, you know a good thing when you see one.  You can sign up as an early adopter of the service and experiment with the features in exchange for providing some feedback.  This feedback will be considered during our development of the core features for the Notethrower Mobile/Social platform.  You may occasionally experience small "bugs" on the site, or have an idea on how to make things easier. When this happens, your input is appreciated by simply clicking on the feedback button on the left side of the screen on the tracks page. Please leave suggestions and feedback to help us create the best platform for artists to work together and get paid!

Sign up for free at as a beta tester, and if you have any other suggestions on how to get the most use out of the service, please let us know when a great idea hits you! We have plans to improve the user interface (both web and mobile) or to improve connectivity to your social media activity stream, so that your friends know, which remixes you like or produced.

We're happy you found us at this early stage in our history, and we look forward to developing the best music resources and tools for artists online!


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