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In Dornbirn Coworking Lab hinter dem Rathaus, Administration beim Bahnhof

Dateien, Adressen und Kalender synchron und in Europa

Erstunterzeichner 2010 und Pionier 2011 - Pressekonferenz in Salzburg
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VoIP Telephony

Voice-over-IP-Telephony (short VoIP) enables phone calls via web. You can use the existing network-infrastructure economical for voice transmission. The connection to the conventional telephone-network will be established via gateways. VoIP is a future open solution in particular for capacity extensions for already existing interphone system.

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t-guide - a joy to listen

t-guide offers further possibilities for culture and tourism to increase the value of experience for tourists and visitors. There is a saying in German: “If the walls, this tree, or this building could talk, we would hear a lot of interesting stories.”

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Telephony Services

Let our machines pick up dedicated calls. They have been answering calls 24/7 since 1994 and listen to anyone.

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Our eDiscourse/eParticipation tools net.board and audio.board offer you the full range of forum-based participation possibilities. With our products, we help you to more easily reach more people involved or affected and thus achieve a far better documented consent.

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SpunQ 1.3

spunQ is an application server that allows easy and flexible development and running of diversified web applications. To manage and store content, the system is bound to well know Open Source databases.

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Open Source Software Migration

Our alliance offers migration of all IT-services, for backend and desktop.

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Free Software Solutions

We are building Open Source software with sophisticated requirements.

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Beispieltext: Wendig und schnell!

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