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Erstunterzeichner 2010 und Pionier 2011 - Pressekonferenz in Salzburg
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Our eDiscourse/eParticipation tools net.board and audio.board offer you the full range of forum-based participation possibilities. With our products, we help you to more easily reach more people involved or affected and thus achieve a far better documented consent.

eDiscourse - eDemocracy - eParticipation


net.board is an on-line forum that can be used for bi-directional official and semi-official communications between Administrations and Citizens.

The forum tool is also adapted for use in a cycle that is limited in time, from gathering of ideas to final voting over the converged topics.

Many specific features of net.board facilitate generating lively discourse. Among the features of net.board, we would like to highlight the following:

  • multi-protocol accessibility: a user can read and participate via web, via e-mail, via Usenet news and via voice mail

  • registered users of may choose to generate a notification profile. In this profile, the user specifies keywords, areas of interest (geographical and topical), and system events, as well as a method of notification (e-mail, text message, telephone call-back or fax)

  • integration of documents, pictures, links, and many more facilitators

  • malleability - it's your choice: personalisation, private areas, anonymous users

  • easily extensible due to the separation of the forum logic and the design

audio board

audio.board is an extension to net.board. With audio.board, public adminstrations are able to provide extended web accessibility for people with disabilities, so that they can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the content on the forum. To achieve this, audio.board offers the full range of audio interaction:

  • A user calls a specific national number and navigates through the spoken navigation (touch down navigation)

  • He/she now is able to listen to all the messages (or only the latest, according to the settings) that have been posted to the Forum.

  • Additionally, the user also can leave a message, either starting a new topic or responding to another, thus leaving his/her comment.

  • Then, these messages or placed accordingly in the Forum and can be listened to via the Internet (as an audio file).

This feature is especially important for disabled people without access to the internet, since cell phones are today commonly available in most households throughout Europe.

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