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Open Source Software Migration

Our alliance offers migration of all IT-services, for backend and desktop.

Migration needs a clear strategy. We help you building a managed deployment playbook and a migration roadmap. Together with a peer group, we assemble a portfolio and create cookie-cutter configurations.

And what makes the difference?

Open Source is our mission, irrevocably associated with the alliance. And we're not committed to Free Software because it is cheap or cool, we are committed to Free Software because it is simply better. We can provide you with the same functionalities as proprietary software, but with better robustness and adaptability. Here is a sample list of products that is being supported by our members:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Router, gateway, firewall
  • E-mail server
  • User and account management
  • (Group) calendar functionality
  • File and document management 
  • Communication server
  • Production Chain Management

We will discuss your company's expectations and requirements and we will come up with a solution that gives your enterprise the highest degree of IT autonomy. In cooperation with a member of the alliance we assist you in making the right decision which hardware best suits your demands. We take care of your IT hardware requirements and react immediately if you encounter difficulties. We develop and program specific software components to consolidate your software pile, and we host your services, ranging from a simply website to more sophisticated services such as media streaming or telephony.

Who else?

Many European cities have already decided to use Open Source technologies. Look at the list of Open Source Case Studies, collected by the European Commission. We are well connected to some of those initiatives, e.g. through our research project tOSSad.


Not yet sure about better service, more reliability, less Total Cost of Ownership? Read the paper "Why Open Source Software? Look at the Numbers!" by David A. Wheeler.


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