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t-guide - a joy to listen

t-guide offers further possibilities for culture and tourism to increase the value of experience for tourists and visitors. There is a saying in German: “If the walls, this tree, or this building could talk, we would hear a lot of interesting stories.”

Indirectly, t-guide makes this possible: Using the internet or mobile telephony based t-guide, tourists and excursion participants can access information about cultural history or architecturally interesting buildings, unique cultural and natural landscapes or innovative projects on their mobile telephone whenever and wherever they want.

Innovative information relaying via t-guide

t-guide works very simply: Tourists or excursion members who are looking at an historical building or other regional feature, just have to dial a telephone number which is in a folder or can be found on the object itself, and they receive detailed information on their mobile phone.
Behind the easy use of the mobile telephone as a tour guide, there is an innovative technological solution that includes the following three modules:

Module 1: Content Management System (Plone)
Module 2: Mobile telephone service in combination with internet telephony (VoIP)
Module 3: Internet-interactive voice response (Asterisk)

Plone makes administration of the narrated information on audio files (mp3) possible and makes them available to the caller via audio server (Asterisk).

Another element of the t-guide is the internet (VoIP) telephone system that can be virtually scaled as required and therefore cope with numerous calls at the same time. The internet audio server (Asterisk) was configured for the t-guide alone, and is permanently linked with the content management system.

Audio information can also be loaded directly from the web site to an mp3 player with t-guide. This function is mainly intended for schools or groups that are getting ready for an excursion. This gives the user the chance to load information about the entire sight seeing trip and exhibitions on their private mp3 player.

If you are using your mobile telephone, you will not have any extra costs by using t-guide. You only pay the standard tariff from your mobile telephone to a land phone.

t-guide - a joy to listen
t-guide - a joy to listen

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