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VoIP Telephony

Voice-over-IP-Telephony (short VoIP) enables phone calls via web. You can use the existing network-infrastructure economical for voice transmission. The connection to the conventional telephone-network will be established via gateways. VoIP is a future open solution in particular for capacity extensions for already existing interphone system.

SIP to Mobile with A1

osAlliance is partnering with a regional market leading mobile phone operator for an integration of services to the desktop. A SIP client allows to manage contacts, presence and chat communication. Audio and also video telephony to G3 phones are being currently tested in our laboratory.

If you want to be among the first using our softphone, then register for an account now. will be available in March 2008.

A1 tariff included

With A1 as a provider you are connected with various devices. You may configure, being available with the same phone number at your PC and on the mobile phone. Outgoing calls are simply charges with a one-stop account, you do not need any other contract to benefit from VoIP.

Cross connect

Your interphone system is able to embed business locations, branches and field workers no matter where they are via VoIP. In using a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) different locations are securely connected with each other. The business locations do phonecalls within the system for free. It is also possible to list your number as an extension of the central office.

With the usage of Open Source Software (Asterisk PBX, GNU/Linux, ...) this telephone systems are cheaper in buying and using the telephony. osAlliance is able to offer implementation and support by two experienced members.

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